GG 200 Double-Coated Crepe Paper Golf Grip Tape


Double-coated crepe paper golf grip tape for factory and clubhouse golf grip installation, and can also be used for mounting, holding, splicing, tabbing and fastening a variety of substrates when an aggressive, double-sided tape is required. The grip side adhesive is specially formulated for effective grip installation, while the shaft side adhesive offers superior adhesion to graphite, steel and titanium.

Features & Applications

Double-coated crepe paper golf grip tape
Fast set-up and easy clean-up
Good tensile strength
Superior adhesion to a variety of substrates
Wrinkle-resistant tape and liner

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24mm x 33m 36 Rolls per Case
48mm x 33m 24 Rolls per Case

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Tape Sizes

24 mm x 33 m, 48 mm x 33 m