FrogTape® 225 Gold Performance Grade Moderate Temperature, Medium-High Adhesion Masking Tape


Performance grade, medium-high adhesion masking tape for use in moderate temperatures in the transportation and metal fabrication industries. For use in temperatures up to 225 F (for up to 30 minutes), FrogTape® 225 Gold is a user-friendly masking solution that delivers consistent paint lines, clean removal and conformability in a range of industrial applications.

Features & Applications

Prep for Perfection™
Resistant to water, various solvents and gel coats
Residue-free removal
Temperature-resistant up to 225 F (for up to 30 minutes)

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12mm x 55 m 96 rolls per case
18mm x 55 m 64 rolls per case
24mm x 55 m 48 rolls per case
36mm x 55 m 32 rolls per case
48mm x 55 m 24 rolls per case
72mm x 55 M 16 rolls per case

Additional information

Tape Sizes

12 mm x 55 mm, 18 mm x 55 mm, 24 mm x 55 mm, 36 mm x 55 mm, 48 mm x 55 mm, 72 mm x 55 mm