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We offer one on one personal service to ensure you are purchasing the perfect product for your companies individual packaging needs. All tape is not created equal, but with over 25 years of industry experience, we know how to guide you to the perfect sticky solution. We’ll take into consideration all of your packaging variables so not only will your custom branded packaging tape look great, but will perform optimally for your specific needs.

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BR Code

BitRip tape and labels are unique, preprinted BR Codes that can adhere to physical objects that can then be set-up to store digital information. Stick, Scan, Connect; BitRip products can help you quickly and efficiently track and store project information, maintenance records, pictures, videos, voice recordings, and other data that can be stored on the free phone app. Your assets are also pinned with a GPS location each time the BR Code is scanned.

With unlimited potential, BitRip products are perfect for maintenance documentation, inspection notes, training documents and videos, equipment and material tracking, safety records; the uses are endless.

For more functionality and organizational purposes, the BitRip desktop app can also be used for a small monthly fee. Visit to download the desktop app and receive a free 30 day trial. Otherwise, use the free BitRip phone app for all your data collection and storage.


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   Hot melt 3 inch 2 ink color packaging tape box with tape and tape gun

You need printed tape! Here’s why…

Having a recognizable brand is of paramount importance in today’s market.

Printed tape is a great affordable option to get your business noticed. Custom printed carton sealing tape offers the added value of advertising on a material you’re already using. Make your brand the first thing customers see. We care about the success of our product and the image it portrays for your company. When a box arrives with your branded tape on it…it better look great! We want to help you set an expectation for your customer that what they see on the outside will be mirrored on the product inside. Quality control is top priority for the Production Packaging team. We would love the chance to make you look amazing!